Call for Area Chairs

The call has now closed. Thank you for all applications, and the ACs have now been selected. Congratulations to all of the selected ACs.

Area Chair Call

We invite researchers to serve on the IPCAI 2023 conference committee as an Area Chair (AC). ACs have a vital role in the paper selection process, essential to deliver a high quality conference. Being an AC is an excellent way to increase your committee experience, visibility in the field, and to receive peer recognition (the names of all ACs will appear in the conference program, proceedings, and on the IPCAI website). ACs are not required to attend the conference, but we would be most happy to see you there!

We aim to have 15-20 ACs with a balance in demographics, experience and complementary expertise. The AC responsibilities include assigning paper and long abstract submissions to reviewers (typically up to 5-7 submissions), ensuring that high quality reviews are delivered on time, and summarizing the reviews (as meta-reviews), used for making the final acceptance decisions. Being an AC is an important commitment and please apply only if you can allocate the necessary time to this role.

Applicants should have a PhD, reviewed previously for IPCAI (normally at least twice, but with exceptions depending on other reviewing exprience) and reviewed at other relevant top conferences such as MICCAI, ISBI, IPMI, MIDL, IROS, ICRA, CASE, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, BMVC, ICML or NeurIPS. ACs should have demonstrated strong research in the areas of expertise selected in the application form below (typically published at least three papers as first or senior author at IPCAI or other top conferences or journals). If you are interested in being an IPCAI 2023 AC, please fill out the application form below as soon as you can, and no later than 31 August 7 September 2022. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Program Chairs at